What PPE do we need? Who might have it?

If you or someone you know has a business that uses this equipment, please donate or share this site. No donation is too small. You can see what individual hospitals need on the "find a drop off location" page of the website.

N95 Respirators

These masks protect healthcare workers from inhaling infectious droplets and aerosols.

They are used by many industrial businesses that face airborne particle exposures. Some businesses that may have these are flooring, painting, chimney sweeping, pest control, or carpet cleaning companies. University engineering labs also use these.


Surgical Masks

These looser fitting masks protect healthcare workers against large droplets and do not require fitting.

Some businesses that may use this are nail salons, tattoo studios, cosmetology schools, vocational/technical schools, auto/tech repair shops, and veterinary clinics. You or someone you know may have also bought these early on in the coronavirus uncertainty but now do not need them at home.


Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile, non-powdered gloves are used for every single patient interaction, as coronavirus can be carried on hands.

Similar to surgical masks, these are widely used in veterinary clinics, non-medical businesses and engineering labs!


Coveralls/ Disposable Gowns

This PPE covers healthcare workers' clothing so they don't carry airborne particles home or to other patients.

As with N95 respirators, many industrial businesses, such as home improvement and cleaning companies, use coveralls.


Eye Glasses/Goggles

Coronavirus can travel and transmit via the eyes/ eyelashes if particles are aerosolized.

Many industrial businesses and engineering labs use these.


Face Shields

Similar to the glasses and goggles, face shields protect healthcare workers' eyes.

Some industrial businesses, such as carpenting or welding companies, use these.


Shoe Booties

These eliminate contact with the hospital floor, so fluids are not carried home or to other patient areas.

Real estate, repair/cleaning, and automotive detailing companies use these. And some people who really like to keep their carpets clean!


Other Hospital Supplies

Hospitals are also running short on many other supplies that are no longer available from pharmacies or manufacturers but are critical to the safety of patients and healthcare workers.

Thermometers: Nurses and doctors are being asked to measure their temperature before work every day but pharmacies are out of thermometers

Pulse oximeters: These measure oxygen levels to monitor the stability of patients, since coronavirus causes problems with breathing

Disinfectants and hand sanitizers

Image by Hush Naidoo