Thank you for your donations!

We are excited to report the amount of PPE we have delivered so far.

We are working hard to get as much gear to healthcare workers as we can.

Your contributions are the key to growing these numbers.

Thank you to all those who have donated so generously to help make this happen!

KN95 masks were donated to CT, NY, and NJ hospitals:


We have received 1438 PPE donations, and in our first fundraising campaign, we raised $15,395. This bought 7,200 pieces of PPE.

See where this PPE went below!

KN95 masks were bought and are on the way to be donated to CT hospitals


Surgical masks were donated to CT hospitals:


568 to Yale New Haven Hospital and Danbury Hospital

250 to High Horizons in Bridgeport

500 to Bridgeport School District


Gloves were donated to Homeless Respite Center and home health professionals in Hamden


N95 masks were donated to Homeless  Respite Center



300 to Stamford Hospital
250 to St. Vincent's Hospital
250 to Waterbury Hospital and Charlotte Hungerford Hospital
220 to Yale New Haven Hospital

New York and New Jersey

300 to Mt. Sinai West
1200 to Montefiore Medical Center
1100 to Elmhurst Hospital
150 to Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
500 to Northwell Hospital Long Island
200 to VA Medical, Northport
50 to NYU Langone

700 to Bergen County

300 to Hudson County

150 to Dellridge Health & Rehabilitation Center
150 to Windsor Gardens Care Center 


Level 2 gowns were donated to NY and CT hospitals:


500 to Kingsbrook Jewish Center - NY

300 to Stamford Hospital

Face shields were donated to CT hospitals and nursing homes:

40 to High Horizons Magnet School

60 to Stamford Ophthalmology Group

75 to Parkville Care Center
100 to Mary Wade Home 
30 to Middlebury Convalescent Home 
100 to Danbury Hospital 
300 to Stamford Hospital 

20 to High Quality Home Therapy in Stamford


Hand sanitizer were donated to Homeless Respite Center, High Quality Home Therapy and home health professionals

4L 242 ml