Who are we?

Connecticut PPE Drive is a group of medical trainees (nursing, physician associate, and medical students) and advocates from all over Connecticut working to help our colleagues on the frontlines. We are collecting personal protective equipment (PPE) donations on behalf of our local community hospitals and schools.

Our goals are to contact local businesses to procure protective equipment donations and to spread the word about the PPE shortage. Additionally, we are fundraising and purchasing protective equipment to donate to in-need healthcare centers. 


Our initiative is officially affiliated with GetUsPPE.

#GetUsPPE is a national non-profit organization that has delivered over 1 million pieces of PPE nationwide. Together, we are empowering and elevating the opportunities to deliver as much PPE as possible to our community hospitals and care facilities.

Meet Our Volunteers

Ragini Luthra.jpeg

Ragini Luthra

Founder and

Strategy Lead

meera dhodapkar.jpeg

Meera Dhodapkar

Founder, and

Hospital and Care Facilities Outreach

Charlotte Poth.jpg

Charlotte Poth

Hospitals and Care Facilities Outreach, and PPE manufacturers and distributors vetting

sreeja kodali.jpg

Sreeja Kodali

Coordinate and onboard new volunteers,

and Local Business Outreach

Amanda Liberman.jpg

Amanda Liberman

Local Business Outreach Leader

Tristan Furnary.jpeg

Tristan Furnary

Local Business Outreach

Seungju Hwang.jpeg

Seungju Hwang

Local Business Outreach

Sabrina Lacerda.JPG

Sabrina Lacerda

Digital Marketing

Patricia Xu.jpg

Patricia Xu

Social Media and Local Business Outreach

Sophie Luyten.jpeg

Sophie Luyten

Local Business Outreach and Social Media

Sam Craft.jpg

Sam Craft

Local Business Outreach Leader

Margaret Hedeman.jpeg

Margaret Hedeman

Local Business Outreach

Joshua Yan.jpeg

Joshua Yan

Local Business Outreach

Arielle Soldatenko.jpg

Arielle Soldatenko

Local Business Outreach

scott halperin.jpeg

Scott Halperin

Local Business Outreach